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IATKOS ML3U (Mountain Lion 10.8.3 UEFI PC) latovale


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References Category:Disk operating systemsThis invention is related to U.S. Pat. No. 4,669,643 issued Jun. 2, 1987 to Applicant and Charles E. Lee Jr. In this U.S. patent, various adjustable assembly tools are described. More specifically, the present invention relates to a spacer frame which is used in assembling a blade holder in the form of a spacer. The manufacture of a turbine engine assembly is an expensive and labor intensive process. Due to the fact that engine assemblies may be subject to extreme environmental conditions, certain functions have been delegated to the tooling used in assembling such an engine. One such function is the blade holder. In the manufacture of a turbine engine, the turbine engine must be designed and assembled. Once this design is completed, a bearing housing and a shaft are arranged at a suitable distance from the turbine engine casing. The bearing housing is designed to support a bearing which in turn supports a shaft which passes through the bearing housing. The bearing housing and shaft are maintained at a suitable distance from the turbine engine casing by means of a spacer. This spacer is a plurality of first and second rings which are disposed about the bearing housing and shaft. The spacer includes an internal diameter having a spacer ring and an outer diameter having a retaining ring. The spacer is connected to the bearing housing and shaft through a hole in the spacer. In addition, a fastener extends through the retaining ring and is disposed about the shaft. In this manner, the retaining ring and fastener act to prevent rotation of the bearing housing relative to the shaft. The spacer assembly is subject to extreme thermal conditions. The spacer must, therefore, be designed such that it is heat resistant. It is also desirable that the spacer is not subject to rotation during assembly of the engine. In the past, the spacer has been constructed with slots which receive the fastener. The fastener is disposed in a groove of the spacer in order to provide the necessary strength to the spacer. In the past, the fastener has been manually inserted into the spacer. This manual operation is labor intensive and therefore expensive. In the past, the spacer has been removed from the bearing housing and shaft after the bearing housing and shaft have been inserted into the spacer. in Japanese)[@b36-ijgm-6-915],[@b37-ijgm-6-915] although it has not been reported in









IATKOS ML3U (Mountain Lion 10.8.3 UEFI PC) latovale

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