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Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

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About Us

Albina Nasyrova

SEO Bala-City

We learn the world in

different languages

The Bala-city was the first in Tatarstan to implement the concept of multilingual education.


Today in all 4 campuses pupils study Tatar, English, Chinese (included in the compulsory program) and Spanish (additional program). In the future, they can continue their education in the educational center and the Cambridge international school, Bala-City.


The best teachers, speech therapists and psychologists work together with foreign specialists in Bala-City. Many of them are winners of professional competitions.


Our children study subjects of the Federal state educational standard in full, which we have strengthened by adding foreign languages and additional disciplines. The educational process in international groups of kindergartens and schools is based on the integrated Russian-Cambridge program.


Today, Bala-City is a kindergarten, school, center for additional education and children camps.


Our common goal is to help to reveal the child's creative abilities, to form a fully developed personality and to allow self-realisation in the future.


Welcome to our city of children, our Bala-City!

An international team of inspired professionals of Ball city reveals the potential and talents of each child


Thanks to the complex and multilingual development, new educational technologies, the atmosphere of care and cooperation, we form an intellectual and creative personality, laying the Foundation for a happy and successful future

Our Partners

Bala-City cooperates with Cambridge International Examinations, Kazan Federal University, Beijing University of international relations and the Ministry of education of Spain.


Together with the Institute of Philology and intercultural communication of KFU, a master's program is being implemented to train highly qualified specialists in the field of early development.


When implementing creative projects, the school interacts with the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic theatre and the Museum of fine arts of the Republic of Tatarstan.